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MOMS Club® of Bethel, CT Chapter

Our MOMS Club Executive Board is comprised of MOMS Club members that run our chapter for a one-year term, following our annual election for offices. Below is the list of the MOMS Club of Bethel Executive Board positions and an outline of their responsibilities:


The President is the one responsible. She is responsible to the group, to the community and to the international organization. She presides at meetings, guides the group's activities and is often invited to join community panels or committees as a representative of stay-at-home mothers.

Administrative Vice President

The Administrative Vice President assists the President in fulfilling her duties of office and assumes her duties when she is not available. She is also responsible for the coordination of the service project in the community, and coordinates publicity with the President. A committee is often formed to assist the AVP in the organization of the service project -- or projects.

Membership Vice President

The Membership Vice President promotes membership in the group by publicizing the group in the community, and to coordinate such publicity with the President. She assists the Treasurer in the collection of dues and coordinates hospitality at the meetings. She is the "people person."


The Secretary compiles the roster of all members, coordinates or prepares any correspondence necessary for the support group in cooperation with the President, and takes minutes of Members, special and Executive Board meetings.


The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the group, and deposits such funds in the group's checking account. She maintains financial records of the group, receives and legally disperses any funds as directed by the Executive Board, gives proper vouchers and receipts for any transactions, prepares and presents a financial report to the Executive Board and members of the group monthly, and prepares any other financial reports as may be required by the Executive Board or the MOMS Club corporation.

Our current Executive Board:

President: Jennifer, Administrative VP: Kerry, Membership VP: Jennifer, Secretary: Heather, Treasurer: Jennifer